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Water truck operations are complicated, some might even say it’s an art form. The weather is always changing, some roads are slipperier than others, water truck operators need to be aware of other road users and water truck operators are also tasked with selecting the optimal spray system setting, even when the truck is trying to work against them. The whole process can be overwhelming and when an error is made, consequences can be severe.

The ADE Spray system simplifies the road watering process, operators simply select a water coverage rate on the user display panel and the ADE Spray system automatically controls water spray volume to achieve consistent water application onto the ground regardless of speed and other truck variables.

Easy to use controls and logical settings that actually mean something is what sets ADE Spray apart from the rest. Operators can easily share feedback and assist green operators, haul truck operators will feel more confident thanks to consistent haul road conditions and supervisors can monitor and provide feedback on haul road friction to ensure haul roads are not slippery.

The ADE Spray system is harmonized with the results of haul road friction testing. Consistent and controlled water application can result in reduced risk of a truck slide or vehicle rollover and can reduce fugitive dust emissions caused by under watering at normal haul road speeds. Superior water control provided by an intelligent continuously variable spray control system will help sites manage risk and continually improve their dust suppression operations.

Thanks to the Multiport spray head innovation, miners can do the same job in less hours by spraying up to 33% more, potentially saving USD$400k in operational costs per year

Superior water control, simple user inputs and customisable autonomous functions make it easy to improve your water truck operations.

Setting the water application rate is as easy as pressing the + and – buttons. To further improve safety, supervisors can guide operators on the ideal water rate based on friction measurement. Limitations can also be put on the maximum water rate when on a flat road or ramp.

The simple rate adjustment will improve the communication and culture on site, now that everyone is speaking the same language it is easy to share advice and train new operators.

Download the water truck data logs and find more operational improvements and efficiencies.

ADE Spray is the flagship product in ADE’s catalogue, it is the world’s first metered spray system that uses defined input values to achieve a quantitative water output. The ADE Spray system is in use around the world including Africa, Australia, South America, Untied States of America and in the sub-zero conditions found in mining operations in Mongolia.

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