Are You Thinking About Your Retirement?

With a background in the mining and construction industry in Queensland, it became evident to me early on the struggle between a work/life balance, let alone ensuring that the time we spent away from our families would provide us with future wealth and opportunity.  Our priorities are usually elsewhere, ensuring that we live the life that we want now, on the hope that tomorrow we can continue that same lifestyle.

This is why I have created Axis Financial Services Group, to ensure that clients meet their current and future goals, through implementing tax effective strategies that provide long term growth and stability.

One of the many ways to creating long term wealth, among others, is superannuation.  Unfortunately the common theme for this is a ‘set and forget’ mentality.  Little do we know, that one of our largest assets come retirement will actually be our super, yet we continue to disregard our future income stream until the last minute.

In 2010, there was an estimated 5 people of traditional working age for every person aged 65 and over. By 2050 only 2.7 people of traditional working age are projected for every person aged 65 and over.  As our life expectancy is expected to grow, so will the chance of us outliving our assets meaning that more and more of us will be reliant on the Age Pension.  How attractive do you think the Age Pension will be in 2050?  How much of a burden will this put on to our children and grandchildren into the future?

A majority of people don’t regularly review their investments, increasing the real possibility of poor/negative returns as they get closer to retirement. This is something that can and needs to be managed over the long term.   Nor do people actively consider the benefits of a Self-Managed Super Fund, to allow more control over the assets that you hold, an area that we are strong in.

Yes, super is a long term investment and Yes, your access to the assets within are locked away for quite a number of years, but wouldn’t a more active approach ensure that your goals in retirement are met?

I think we owe it to our future generations.

If you would like a complimentary review of your superannuation investments, or want to implement strategies to help you grow your wealth, contact Dean on at Axis Financial Services Group to ensure your future is financially stable.

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