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ET Mining: Back in the underground game

ET Mining

It’s an exciting time for ET Mining Solutions as they launch back into the global underground mining industry.

In the past 18 months, the company has been on the fast-track to becoming an excellent integrated asset to underground industry leader, GF Holdings.

In a smart investment move, GF Holdings acquired ET Mining Solutions for its cutting-edge innovation, engineering manufacturing capabilities and extensive product portfolio.

Combining a mature international low cost manufacturing supply chain (and a company with deep roots in WA’s gold belt) with underground contract mining capabilities, a refreshing and unique blend has come to the industry; out of the dark days of recession and consolidation, a fully-fledged mining solutions market leader in the making.

There’s no doubt the synergy for this diversified mining group strengthens the excellent reputation hard won over the past 17 years.

So what has ET Mining Solutions been doing to be ready to launch this year?

A new management team has been brought together from a range of diverse, experienced and highly professional backgrounds. ‘Thinking out of the box’ is the mantra for these guys. Partnership, value-add and solutions that make a real difference are non-negotiationable outcomes.

Mark Walker, ET Sales Manager, says ‘It’s really refreshing to be part of a team that wants to make a difference to the underground mining industry. We’re aiming high and building on the excellent culture and track record of the group. Our goal is to exceed our customer expectations and deliver maximum value. We believe our unique capabilities bring mine ready solutions to the industry that miners can trust.’

As industry experts we truly understand the long-term, cyclical nature of the industry and pride ourselves on our slogan: “Built by Miners for Miners”.

So what’s new for the Industry?

New generation Refuge Chambers, Mine Refuelling Stations, Buckets and Ladder Ways as well as Decline Canopies. This product range has been developed in response to industry demand as customers recognise ET Mining Solutions unique engineering capabilities and well positioned pricing. A variety of underground plant is also available for hire.

Paul Peet, assures both domestic and international customers see the real value in their capabilities, and realistic pricing. He said’ “we bring a refreshing approach and transparency with regards to cooperating with all our partners. I believe this is new for our type of products and it sets the foundations for solid client relationships.”

The year ahead is looking solid for ET Mining and their clients.

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