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Australian Mines’ scandium oxide verified

Australian Mines Limited announced progress from its research and development (R&D) project with Metalysis, the U.K.-headquartered metals and alloys technology company[1]. Progress is in line with the Company’s focus on commercialising scandium oxide, scheduled for production concurrent to cobalt sulphate and nickel sulphate from the Company’s Sconi Project in Queensland, Australia.

Australian Mines provided scandium oxide for qualification by Metalysis using ore from Sconi with purity in excess of 99.9% (or 3N). The oxide has met all chemical and physical requirements to be ideal for use in an aluminium-scandium feedstock to support master alloy development.

The R&D work Australian Mines is conducting in partnership with Metalysis is now moving to Phase II.

Phase II requires additional quantities of scandium oxide from Sconi. The work program involves optimising product quality, scaling up test work, and further analyses to determine the alloy’s compositional characteristics and performance. Phase II will also incorporate customer appraisal of the product and further investigate demand driven end-user opportunities in relation to 3D printing of magnets.

This high value aluminium-scandium alloy continues to pose excellent launch product potential for Metalysis’ Generation 4 industrial plant.

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