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Every operation is different and so are the responder’s equipment requirements. No matter how strong, tall or short the responder is, the equipment needs to fit everyone. It not only affects the freedom of movement but it can also impact on the success of the response. Whilst flexibility to adjust equipment and ergonomics are important factors, weight can also affect the user. Component weight and the overall distribution of weight must be considered. If it is too heavy or unevenly distributed the responders ability to concentrate on the task at hand will be impacted on. 

Lessons learned from responders around the world as well as latest innovations in technology have led Dräger to design an even safer and cleaner SCBA system to enable you to breathe more easily and for longer. The Dräger PSS® AirBoss is lightweight and offers optimal ergonomics, which helps responders get any job done.


The PSS® AirBoss ergonomics significantly reduce the physical strain associated with carrying SCBAs. Some key elements include height-adjustment, a pivoting and sliding waist belt to offer natural flexibility, and an easily adjustable harness to fit every shape and size of responder. Improved wearer comfort has been achieved by shifting the centre of gravity relationship between the human body and the set and creating a ventilated space by the SCBA backplate. Weight is carried by the legs and pelvis rather than the back. This not only improves personal comfort, but also enhances mobility in any situation, thus allowing the responder to carry out difficult tasks successfully with equipment that suits their needs.

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Due to its low weight and class leading ergonomics, the responder benefits from reduced stress and fatigue, which leads to lower air consumption. The harness has been designed in such a way that the system stays in place without the need for chest straps or the need to overtighten the shoulder straps. This also allows for fast and secure donning and doffing.

Different routing options for the Lung Demand Valve (LDV), gauge, and rescue hoses over each shoulder or waist belt provide the user with optimal configuration. The easy to connect reducer handwheel simplifies cylinder removal and fitting. A cylinder Quick Connect option further shortens the time for cylinder changeouts. 

The durable space frame design offers low weight and low profile all the while maintaining the SCBA’s centre of gravity in an optimum position for greater weight distribution.

For a fast cylinder exchange, Dräger has developed a new universal cylinder strap and cam lock fastener, which keeps the SCBA in a secure position and reduces snag risk. This affords the option of single or twin cylinder configurations for extended duration operations.

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Multi attachment points have been incorporated on the waist strap for accessories and tools to be available when required. 


The PSS® AirBoss comes with large reflective surfaces, thus increasing the responders’ visibility as well as making it easier to locate team members in distress. When you equip the PSS® AirBoss with a Personal Alert Safety System (PASS), it further increases this effect. It positions buddy lights at the front and back of the SCBA. Furthermore, the PASS draws attention to responders in distress by generating distinctive visual and acoustic alert signals – e.g. after a fall or impact, when motionless, when reaching low-air, experiencing high thermal stress or activating the manual distress signal.

In addition to the wearer’s position, the buddy lights can also indicate the remaining pressure of the air cylinder by emitting different colours, giving team members critical information at a glance. The PASS’ automatic switch on feature activates upon cylinder opening – so its activation cannot be forgotten.

To improve safety, an optional integrated anti-entanglement system helps prevent wires and cables from being snagged between the cylinder and backplate. In addition, the PSS® AirBoss is equipped with grab handles for extraction and rescue.


The PSS® AirBoss uses low-absorbent and liquid repellent harness materials which take on less contaminants. Its overall streamlined design minimises dirt traps – making the SCBA extremely easy to clean. For you it means a significant decrease in equipment downtime.

All key components are equipped with RFID tags to help the workshop maintain asset management and support quick turnarounds. The key components of the PSS® AirBoss are quickly and easily disassembled for service without the need to use tools due to its Plug & Play design. To save you time prior to operations, we included a new electronic high-pressure leak test that ensures operational readiness and reduces air consumption during daily checks.


Alongside our innovations with the PSS® AirBoss, Dräger also offers the NANO Cylinder (NLL), Type 4. The NANO Cylinder is the lightest cylinder currently available on the market. Lower weight means reduced fatigue for the responder, even with a twin cylinder set up. In addition to this, it comes with a Non-Limited-Life. Cylinders with a non-limited life can be used indefinitely when proper maintenance and periodic inspections are fulfilled. This makes it an investment that not only gives you peace of mind during a response, but also reduces your cost of ownership in the long run.


To enhance your safety programmes at site, the inclusion of an Excess Flow Valve (EFV) can be incorporated into your cylinder fleet. An EFV can prevent the uncontrolled outflow of gas in case of an unintentional opening or damage to the cylinder valve. This flow limiting feature is automatic and activates or deactivates the excess flow without hindering performance. In addition, approved according to EN 144-2018, the valve offers even greater resistance against forceful impacts while still ensuring full functionality. With our Quick Connect technology, you can change cylinders quickly without the need for screwing or unscrewing the handwheel manually. It saves you time and ensures a safe connection between the cylinder and breathing apparatus.


In line with respiratory protection, head protection must also manage the balance between providing enough protection without adding unnecessary weight. Flexibility to adjust whilst remaining lightweight is crucial for responders safety and their ability to concentrate on the task at hand.  

The Dräger HPS® SafeGuard is an extremely lightweight universal helmet for rescue services. Its innovative design combines optimal protection with the highest levels of wearing comfort. Lightweight and tailor-made accessories make the helmet a real all-rounder for any challenge.

Weighing just 1.25 kg in its basic configuration, the Dräger HPS® SafeGuard is one of the lightest helmets in its class. 


The multifunctional design of this compact helmet offers you exceptional protection, without limiting your movements or perception: vital senses such as sight, hearing and sensitivity to heat are not impaired, while at the same time all essential parts of the head are protected. Numerous configuration options and customisation markings make it easy to visually identify the role and function of each  wearer.

One size fits all – the protective helmet covers a wide range of individual head sizes from 50 to 64/66 cm. You can adjust the helmet to your head size in just a few simple steps: The chin and neck strap are quick and easy to adjust. In addition, the adjustment wheel on the back of the helmet is particularly easy to access.


The endurance testing conducted by Dräger also means that you can rely on the multifunctional helmet to consistently deliver a high degree of safety, reliability and quality. With its fully integrated, high quality visors, your face and eyes are perfectly protected. 

The helmet is available in a wide range of colours. For the best possible protection in conditions of poor visibility, you can also fix reflective strips in different designs all around the helmet, making it easily identifiable day or night. The HPS® BuddyLight on the back of the helmet provides additional safety – it ensures that you can be immediately recognisable from behind even in conditions of poor visibility. You can use the individual lighting solutions to illuminate your immediate workspace as needed: our integrated, explosion-proof helmet lamps can be fitted at the front or side and can be handled hands-free.

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