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CME Mines rescue competition results

CME Mines rescue competition Hannans mine

A graduate mining engineer has captained the Saracen Carouse Dam to victory in the CME mines rescue competition held at Hannan’s mine in Western Australia.

Graduate Mining Engineer Jonathon Flynn took out both the ‘Best New Captain’ and ‘Best Captain’s’ Awards.

Teams from KCGM, Gold Fields (Combined), St Barbara Limited (Leonora), Evolution Mining (Mungari), Northern Star Resources, Saracen Mineral Holdings (Carosue Dam) and BHP (Northern Operations) competed in the mines rescue competition last week completing a series of emergency response exercises including: Theory, Incident Management, First Aid, Fire Fighting, Confined Space Rescue, Team Skills, Vehicle Extrication, HazChem and Rope Rescue.

CME Mine Rescue Chairman, Chad Prince, was ecstatic at their win “For an absolutely new team, this is a fantastic result for them and for Saracen,” he said.

“These events are like no other. It’s a real opportunity for learning and camaraderie. We love being able to provide these competitions for our Emergency Response Community,” added Mr Prince.

CME Goldfields Manager Rowena Olsen said, “CME are committed to supporting and providing these competitions, to showcase practical responses to high-risk activities in the industry. It’s also a terrific learning opportunity for all those connected to emergency response.”

2019 Australia of the Year Craig Challen SC AM, delivered an inspiring keynote address to the teams and drew parallels between cave diving and mine emergency response. He highlighted the importance of training and having skills ready for emergencies.

Gold Fields St Ives and Saracen Carosue Dam co-sponsored the Awards Presentation.

CME Mines rescue competition results

  • Confined Space Rescue: St Barbara Leonora

  • Rope Rescue: KCGM

  • First Aid: KCGM

  • Fire Fighting: KCGM

  • Vehicle Extrication: Gold Fields Combined

  • HazChem: St Barbara Leonora

  • Theory: Goldfields Combined

  • Team Skills: Saracen Carosue Dam

  • Overall First Aid: KCGM

  • Best Scenario Competing Team Vote: Vehicle Extrication

  • Overall Breathing Apparatus Skills: Northern Star Kalgoorlie Operations

  • Team Safety: Saracen Carosue Dam

  • Best New team: Saracen Carosue Dam

  • Incident Management: Saracen Carosue Dam

  • Theory Individual: Wayne De Bono – St Barbara Leonora

  • Best New Captain: Jonathon Flynn – Saracen Carosue Dam

  • Best Captain: Jonathon Flynn – Saracen Carosue Dam

  • Best Team Third Place: St Barbara Leonora

  • Best Team Second Place: KCGM

  • Best Team First Place: Saracen Carosue Dam

Image: Supplied CME Mines Rescue Competition

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