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Commencement of Exploration Programme at Paterson Project

Greatland Gold plc has announced that the first phase of field activities has commenced on time at its Paterson project.


  • Mobile Metal Ion (“MMI”) sampling has commenced across the Havieron target with initial sample spacing of 200 metres by 200 metres over a 9 square kilometre area;
  • The objective of the MMI sampling is to determine whether this relatively low cost technique can be deployed to screen the many regional targets already identified by Greatland (see announcement dated 17 August 2017);
  • Additionally, the Company expects to commence ground gravity surveys before the end of this month, with efforts initially focused on the Havieron and Scallywag targets.

The Paterson project covers over 360 square kilometres in the Paterson region of Western Australia and includes both the Havieron licence (acquisition announced 26 September 2016) and the Paterson Range East licence (application announced 6 June 2017). Limited historical drilling (six drill holes) by Newcrest during the 1990s demonstrated high grade gold and copper mineralisation at the Havieron target with peak values of 15g/t Au and 2.5% Cu. The Scallywag target hosts several magnetic anomalies over an area of approximately 6km by 4km with potential to host gold and/or copper mineralisation.

Gervaise Heddle, Chief Executive Officer, said, “We are very excited to have started exploration work at the Paterson project on time. The initial MMI sampling campaign at more than twenty Iron-Oxide-Copper-Gold targets will attempt to demonstrate that a relatively low-cost geochemical technique can be used in this region to detect potential Iron-Oxide-Copper-Gold systems.

“We are also looking forward to commencing ground gravity surveys at the Havieron and Scallywag targets. We expect that a tightly-spaced ground gravity survey at Havieron should greatly improve our ability to define drill targets for any future drilling campaign at Havieron. The Scallywag target consists of a number of magnetic amomalies over a relatively wide area and will be the first of the regional IOCG targets that we investigate.”

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