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Employment just around the corner for 30 new Gladstone trainees

THE Gladstone Engineering Alliance (GEA) employed another 30 trainees this week who will take
part in an 18 week employment program under the Skilling Queensland for Work (SQW) –
Community Work Project.

Community Work Skills traineeships assists disadvantaged Queensland job seekers and low skilled
workers to gain nationally recognised skills and qualifications. The 30 trainees will work within
Business and Conservation and Land Management.

GEA Chief Executive Officer Carli Homann said the GEA will work locally with Community
Organisations (not-for-profit) to assist the trainees in developing work habits and skills to get them
accustomed to being back in the work environment.

“Through programs like the SQW programs and the continuous professional development that’s
offered, GEA are always working towards our vision of building a highly skilled and capable
workforce in central Queensland,” Ms Homann said.

“This program is a great opportunity for Gladstone to continue to upskill our workforce and to be
able to provide employment for 30 candidates. The program not only aims to help boost confidence
but also to refresh and develop new skills and to essentially be able to help find trainees
employment in either a part time or full time capacity.”

GEA trainee Ellen Anderson, 20, left school at a young age and has been working in retail and
hospitality ever since but felt that she needed to create another career path.

“I felt that I couldn’t do anything else other than retail and hospitality because I left school with no
qualifications,” Ms Anderson said.

“I wanted to get into business admin as I love being involved with people and the opportunity came
along to work with the GEA in the hope of finding a new direction in my working career.”

Ms Anderson has been placed with the Gladstone Community Linking Agency (GCLA) for her initial
training within business administration.

“I currently work within a volunteer program called Young People Making A Difference and this is
the perfect opportunity to continue my passion and work within aged care, disability and with

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