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ETU demand RCR Tomlinson Board & Executives pay arrears owing to contractors

The Electrical Trades Union of Australia, Victoria Branch demand RCR Tomlinson Board & Executives immediately pay arrears owing to contractors and their employees on Victorian Solar Farms.

“I call on RCR Tomlinson’s Executives to demonstrate some accountability and personally guarantee the wages of the workers on their Victorian solar farms will be paid before their own salaries.” ETU Secretary, Troy Gray, stated.

“Since entering its second trading halt this year yesterday, the dire consequences for RCR Tomlinson’s projects, contractors and their workers are compounding.” Said Troy Gray.

“Contractors on RCR Tomlinson’s Victorian solar projects and their employees, who were already awaiting payments of arrears have lost confidence in RCR’s ability, or willingness, to pay.”

“Contractors engaged to complete the delivery of large Solar Farm projects in Northern Victoria have called a stop to work & the continuation of their contracts, until RCR can demonstrate their continued financial viability.”

“It is unconscionable that it is the small local contractors and workers who are bearing the financial brunt of the RCR Executives’ mismanagement of their solar projects: Especially as RCR Executives and former executives have continued to draw large salaries for themselves while RCR profits and share price have been decimated.”

“The Directors and Executives at RCR need to take responsibility and genuine accountability for the consequences of their actions.”

“By rejecting RCR Executives’ excessive proposed salaries with a first strike, RCR shareholders were clear in their expectations that the individuals responsible for the strategic, operational and financial mismanagement, are made accountable. We strongly encourage this.”

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