Metalicity Limited has identified two (2) extensive lithium target areas and a number of point anomalies from a program completed by Metalicity involving geochemical sampling and geological evaluation, at the Company’s 100% owned Greenbushes North Lithium Project, along strike from the world class Greenbushes lithium deposit in the South West of WA.

The Greenbushes deposit is the world’s largest and highest-grade lithium deposit (118Mt of spodumene ore containing 2.4% lithium) with an ore feed containing 3%-4.5% Li20 [ref. Talison website). The Greenbushes pegmatites intrude along the major northwest Donnybrook-Bridgetown Fault and the main pegmatite consists of a zone over 3 kms X 300m (0.9km2). Greenbushes currently supplies 30% of the worlds lithium.

The company’s Greenbushes North Tenement application (E70/5172) is located 35 km north of the Greenbushes deposit in the south west of WA and covers a total area of 70 km2 located over freehold land and partial state forest, for which the company is progressing standard access agreements.

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