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Gas detection solutions: Advanced sensor technology to keep your staff protected.

Protection against explosive and toxic gases is an absolute necessity for safe operations in the mining industry. Naturally occurring gases remain a principle airborne hazard and continue to place miners at risk of poisoning through toxic gas exposure, suffocation and fire or explosion caused by combustible gases. This also extends to operationally occurring airborne contaminates such as from post blasting or exhaust fumes.

When choosing gas monitoring equipment to protect the health of your team, there are many factors that need to be considered to ensure the correct solution is utilised.

  • Sensor technology: This is the heart of a gas monitoring device and should be a primary consideration with gas detection equipment. This starts with the sensor accuracy, sensor response time, sensor life and functionality within the device. With exposure limit requirements in place to protect staff and assets, no compromise should be made on achieving industry leading performance and accuracy. Dräger’s In-house design ensures ideal compatibility, which delivers maximum safety and extremely low operating costs. The quicker the response time, the shorter the test duration, the lower the working time and the test gas consumption. In everyday practice there is a huge difference between whether a sensor takes 30 seconds to respond during a bump test, or two minutes and is also a factor to ensure devices are well within requirements of the Australian Standards.
  • Is portable gas monitoring, fixed gas monitoring or a combination of both most suitable for the application? This is an important consideration to ensure the safest possible environment is being provided for your team before, during and after the physical work has commenced. 
  • Device maintenance: To keep your quality equipment compliant, it is important to ensure challenge testing (bump testing) is occurring before use as well as scheduled calibrations and inspections are being completed in line with the OEM recommendations.
  • Functionality/Data management: How the data is managed is another key function of a complete gas detection system. This goes beyond just the audio and visual alarms that are programmed to activate when key triggers are met. This data management extends from asset management through to having the tools to review, understand and control potential long-term challenges rather than just the immediate concern.

With industry leading gas detection equipment and technology, Dräger is the gas detection and safety product partner trusted across the globe. This ensures that our client’s approach to zero harm is supported with the highest levels of detection and protection available now and into the future.

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