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Did you know the most likely cause of death of men under 45 years of age is suicide?

The mining industry is a male-dominated one, and while our miners wear hard hats, steel caps and protective gear, nothing can protect them from the mental health struggles they may face.

The Australasian Mining Review has launched a special campaign to spread awareness of mental health in the mining industry, in particular among FIFO workers.

The #HardHatsStrongMinds campaign has a goal to spread awareness of mental health, and let our mates know it is okay to talk.

Our summer issue of AMR will be a special blue edition, featuring stories of those who have experienced mental illness, as well as support and information.

Let’s break down the stigma surrounding mental health in the mining industry.

Get involved:

  • Use #HardHatsStrongMinds on social media to share your story, spread awareness, and support our campaign.
  • Print out the poster above to distribute in your workplace.
  • Email to contribute, or for more information.

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