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How Easy Is It To Get a Job In Mining In Australia – and How To Go About It

These days, no industry is easy to get into, especially if you don’t have the necessary qualifications or experience. When you focus on finding a mining job you will need to be patient and persistent. There are a few ways you can make yourself a more attractive application. The first and most obvious way is to have qualifications. If you have a qualification in construction or engineering, then you will find work much easier. Consider these courses if you have none:

  • Safety course for mining induction
  • Coal board medical
  • 4-wheel drive course
  • First aid certification
  • Work safely at heights and confined spaces

If you know someone who works in the mines, this will be easier. You can speak to them and find out what you should do and whom you should speak to about finding a job. If you go down the route of a recruitment agency, then you will need a skill, trade or some type of qualification. If you have none of these, then you should contact the agency in the town for advice. Of course, you can also travel to the mining town of your choice for a visit. That doesn’t mean you should travel hundreds of miles to get there – find one close to you.

When it comes to entry-level mining positions, you will need patience. Sometimes it is just a case of being in the right place at the right time. So, take the above steps to put yourself out there. Shutdowns are an excellent opportunity to get into the business. When mines close down for repairs or upgrades, there are openings for unskilled workers. It doesn’t last long, but it’s an excellent way to get experience on site and get your face known.

In the meantime, get fit. Mining is a physical job, so you will need to be prepared both physically and mentally for 12 hour work days, and repetitive work. Some of the mines experience a high labour turnover, and this is down to inexperienced workers not being prepared for the job. For this reason, your wage may start out lower than you’ve heard. It will increase as you start to prove yourself as a reliable employee. Additionally, police checks, alcohol and drug testing are typical. While mine towns do have alcohol, it’s all about moderation.

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