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Mining giant orders electric heavy vehicles

Komatsu WE1850
Komatsu WE1850

A major mineral producer will roll out environmentally friendly technology at a $3 billion project.

Mineral Resources (MinRes) recently approved purchasing one of its largest Komatsu E1850-3 electric loaders at the Onslow mine.

The product boasts a fully regenerative switched reluctance hybrid drive system, which generates electrical power during braking or retarding and feeds this into its kinetic energy storage system. This is promised to save up to 45 per cent on fuel consumption compared to similar mechanical, drive wheel models.

Other specifications include:

  • 267.6 tonne operating weight
  • 58.9 tonne operating payload
  • 31 to 33 sqm bucket capacity
  • 19km/h forward and reverse top speed
  • 1491 kilowatt and 2000 horsepower engine power
  • in-line gear train mounted within the tyre rim, transmitting power from the traction motor through the tyre/rim assembly.

“MinRes is committed to investing in the latest technology to power our transition to net-zero operations, while still achieving operational efficiencies. Our new Komatsu wheel loader does exactly that, producing substantially less carbon emissions compared to mechanical drives while still delivering higher payloads,” MinRes executive general manager asset management Dale Blyth said in a public statement.

Click here to read the full specifications.

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