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Mining giant orders first ever carbon neutral conveyor belt

Carbon neutral conveyor belt
Carbon neutral conveyor belt

A multinational resources producer will use one of the world’s first ecologically balanced material handling surfaces.

BHP recently ordered the first-ever carbon neutral conveyor belt from Wuxi Boton. The China-headquartered manufacturer successfully offset estimated greenhouse gas emissions associated with production using “high quality carbon offsets”.

SGS Australia independently verified the belts meet requirements enshrined in the PAS 2060:2014 carbon neutrality standard. The first batch was then awarded the world’s first certification for “achievement of carbon neutrality for steel cord rubber conveyor belts”.

The parts are in transit and expected to arrive during August 2022 at BHP’s Spence Mine, 1474km north of the Chilean capital of Santiago. They will help produce and transport commodities to customers in China and other parts of the world.

“Both companies are committed to mitigating climate change in accordance with their respective climate targets and goals. This shared vision of a better world led Wuxi Boton, in December 2021, to extend the offer of an exclusive pilot to deliver a carbon neutral conveyor belt to BHP,” BHP group procurement officer James Agar said in a public statement.

“The partnership with Wuxi Boton has been invaluable in helping BHP verify the feasibility of using high quality carbon offsets to greenhouse gas emissions in our supply chain, and grow the potential demand for supplying ‘traced’, ‘low carbon’ or ‘carbon neutral’ products amongst our suppliers.”

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