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Mining Safety Journal celebrates milestone

Australasian mine safety journal

One of Australia’s unique mining industry publications has celebrated a milestone. Australasian Mine Safety Journal (AMSJ), a unique high-quality, multi-platform publication for the Australian mining sector, is celebrating its’ 14 year birthday.

Focusing on mine safety as a key priority, the publication serves mining personnel across the Asia Pacific region. Over the years it has become a key communication channel within the Australian mining industry that exclusively focuses on safety news, safety products and services.

Garth Wright, Chief Executive Officer said told Mining Review “We are delighted to have reached a milestone of 14 years plus more than 40,000 social media followers across the mining industry.”

Wright said through its’ online platform it engages more than 100K unique users per month.

“It’s become one of the leading media platforms in the Australian mining industry,” he said.

Australasian Mine Safety Journal was established by John Ninness, a mining health and safety professional in 2005. Ninness initially established the magazine as a means for sharing health and safety information and initiatives across the mining industry. Ninness said at the time, he was visiting mine sites in his role as a consultant and saw initiatives that had whole industry benefits that were not being communicated by governments or industry. The magazine masthead was acquired by APRS Media in 2007 and the company has followed Ninness’ philosophy.

Wright said that the magazine soon grew in reach as industry personnel recognised it as a means for gathering information on best practices in safety management in mining.

He said “it soon grew and an online platform was created to support information. That platform has now more than 3,000 searchable case studies and stories that have been created by health and safety professionals, mining journalists and industry commentators.”

The magazine’s online audience now extends beyond Australia into the US, South Africa, South America and Canada.

Wright added, “Australasian Mine Safety Journal’s growth has been organic and it has addressed a growing and developing mining industry that values good safety practice as a component of their operations.”

“We provide daily updates on all things mining safety curated and written by industry experts. A service that no other mining publication globally can, or does provide.”

When asked about the future of Australasian Mine Safety Journal, Wright told AMR that the online component of the journal will focus on its’ core role but will seek to expand internationally.

“The mining industry is a global industry and we will focus our efforts on disseminating information and news to a global audience through our various online channels.”

Wright said “We also want to provide opportunities for Australian and international companies to connect with the industry on a global basis. I think, in some small way, we hope to contribute to making mines safer and keeping the global industry abreast of what’s happening in mine safety”

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