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Tyre Moniters

pressure-pro-tyre-moniterAs a professional in the transportation industry, I`m sure you are well versed with the benefits that maintaining optional tyre pressure can provide to your operations. Under-inflation of tyres is one of the leading causes of road accidents; it reduces fuel economy, increases downtime and maintenance, reduces tyre life, causes increased pollution and waste, reduces your fleet efficiency, extends tyre life. PressurePros comprehensive line of TYRE PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS and TPMS technologies gives your fleet manager a tested and proven way to combat these inefficiencies.

Providing real time tyre pressure reading and alerts low and high tyre pressure and temperature situations, whether moving or parked. PressurePro gives your fleet manager the information needed to your top three expenses while in-cab and remote monitoring options give your fleet managers the ability to control every tyre on the road, simultaneously. We can also offer communication capabilities with remote monitoring options which allows for 160 tyres being monitored from Telematics Providers.

With leasing options available, Synergen can provide savings and safety to drivers world-wide.

Super Air Tyre Inflation

Super-Air-Tyre-Inflator-SystemSuper-Air Tyre Inflator System keeps your tyres inflated at all times.

After pre-setting the pressure in the control monitor the driver can see the tyre pressures on the front and rear axles, when a tyre is flat or losing pressure. The Super-Air control advises the driver without the need to stop the vehicle. The system can inflate 8 tyres at the same time. The Super-Air Inflator saves fuel and tyre life by inflating tyres when low or flat. This System will not work without air brakes.

The Super-Air reduces the possibility of tyre blow-outs, increasing driver, cargo and vehicle safety. Tests performed have shown that the vehicles Super-Air Tyre Inflation Systems are keeping tyres at an ideal air pressure, can extend tyre life near 3% – 8% in fuel savings because of the reduced friction between tyres and the road. When there is a pressure loss in the system, the Super-Air control panel detects it and turns on a visual and audible alarm, indicating a necessity to compensate the leak. Super-Air takes compressed air from the tank of the vehicle. Air passes through the control panel, in which the maximum air pressure has been previously adjusted by a technician. Air is then directed to the tyre losing pressure, across a tubing net. Super-Air warranty is more mileage and lowest maintenance cost in the market.

Super Air Cooler

super-air-system-high-performance-vehicle-coolingThe Super-Air System High Performance Vehicle Cooling is designed for most commercial and industrial vehicles. Drivers of trucks, buses, vans, mini-buses, farm equipment, road machinery and other industrial vehicles will stay cool and comfortable, even in the most extreme heat. Super-Air Cooler is designed and built accordingly to the highest standards.

The Super-Air Cooler maintains a comfortable working and resting environment inside the cabin making it cooler than the outside. It not only keeps the air constantly cool and renewed, thus reducing the fatigue of the driver, it is also a 100% ecologically friendly system, as it uses water, not ozone depleting gases as it`s coolant.

First and most important, the Super-Air operates from the vehicles battery. Finally, the system distributes the cooled air through the cabin via 6 directional air-diffusers.

There is no need for the driver to have the motor running overnight as he sleeps in the cabin, as the Super-Air Cooler is working off the vehicles battery. And will operate for 6 hours without the engine running.

Portable Wireless Gas Analyser

portable-wireless-gas-analyserThe 4 and 5 Gas Analyser is an essential tool for engine diagnostics. A fleet maintenance manager should equip his mechanics with this powerful diagnostic tool to add to his scopes and scanners inventory. Having this tool to help identify potential engine problems such as lean air/fuel mixture, clogged fuel injectors, vacuum leaks, leaking exhaust systems, catalytic converter efficiency and failure, engine abnormal operating, ignition misfire, retarded ignition timing, low compression, EGR leaking or malfunction, excessive fuel pressure, plugged PCV valve or hose and low fuel pressure are all possible issues that your Gas Analyser can help diagnose.

The 5 Gas Analyser has proven to be the most reliable tool. With the heavy duty filter system and dual pump sampling system, this Analyser can handle continuous testing for large fleets. This design allows easy access to all replaceable spare parts for maintenance in house, as well as the best warranty in the industry for 18 months. The analyser weighs only 4.5 kilos.

synergen-logoFor more information on these products, please feel free to contact Synergen on (02) 9799 3197, via email gblair02@optusnet.com.au and visit the website at www.synergen.net.au.

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