11.4 g/t gold rock chip from Patterson’s Hut (4.5km long anomaly)
Artemis Resources Limited has announced that the first regional-scale compilation of geochemical data in this region has identified three (3) new discoveries within 30 km of Artemis’s Radio Hill processing plant.


GOLD – three new, large gold geochemical targets discovered:

  • Patterson’s Hut – rock chip samples in veins and gossanous chert up to 11.4 g/t gold across a 4.5 km long surface soil anomaly
  • Ruth Well North – rock chip samples up to 5.04 g/t gold across a 14 km long surface anomaly
  • Pipeline – soil geochemistry anomaly in association with numerous nuggets in shear zones across two 1.0 km long trends.
In addition, the Company has identified new extensions at the existing gold targets:
  • Silica Hills – new 1.5 km long gold in soil anomaly
  • Nickol River – strong gold geochemistry suggests additional primary targets may exist.
Artemis’ Executive Director Ed Mead commented:

“Karratha until recently has remained relatively unexplored for its gold potential. This area wide geochemical and rock chip survey indicates substantial gold prospectivity exists within Artemis’ extensive tenement package, all within a short trucking distance of our Radio Hill processing plant. The use of ionic geochemical analysis techniques in conjunction with traditional geochemical sampling has helped Artemis identify numerous new targets and projects such as Carlow Castle and Purdy’s Reward.”

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