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Types of Jobs in Mine Safety in Australia

Looking to get into the mining industry? It turns out it’s the place to be if you have a background in health and safety. There are a wide variety of job roles related to mine safety in Australia.

  • Emergency Services Officer – the ESO is responsible for responding to emergency situations on site. They support the field service teams in their response and also assist with any other healthy, safety, and environmental concerns around the job site.
  • HSET – there is room to grow here, you can move up from an advisory role into management, but what is it? It’s all about risk management and working with teams to launch corrective actions in response to potential risks. HSET is also responsible for training on site.
  • Permit to Work Officer – in this role, the permit to work officer is responsible for ensuring that all safety matters have been addressed and are in place before any work can begin. They issue permits to work and review each item of paperwork to ensure that everything is in order. Loss prevention also falls under this umbrella.
  • Learning Management System Specialist – this is essentially a human resources type role that has the specialist tracking employee capabilities through training. The role revolves around effective training and being an expert on every subject to ensure you are efficient in your role.

So, the mining industry isn’t just about the skilled workers in the mines. In fact, without mine safety, the industry would be in peril.

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