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What to expect working in Australian mines

So, you want to work in an Australian mine. Before you can, there are certain things you need to know. There is a lot going on, and most people have no idea what happens in the mines. First of all, the majority of Australia’s mines are found in Western Australia and Queensland.


When you live on site, you can expect a fair amount of facilities. Most sites have gyms and other activities, as well as a bar, dining area, medical centre, and a shop. Some of the largest mines brag airports, games rooms, theatres, and pool areas.


The industry is diverse, there are all different types of people that work in mining. One thing that’s important to note is your fitness. Of course, before you can work in the mine you have to go through a medical exam. However, mine work is demanding, so if you can work on your fitness before you start it’s a wise move.


When it comes to clothing, a uniform and PPE is generally furnished by the employer. What about getting to the job? You either drive/fly in and drive/fly out. The majority of companies will offer charter flights to transport employees to and from the site.


What’s it really like in the mine? It’s an early start as you will likely be picked up around 5am. You’ll need time to get ready, eat your breakfast, and pack a lunch. Before your day can start, you will receive a breathalyser test to check for alcohol. You may also be required to submit to a random drug test. You’ll have a safety meeting around 5:30 and then work until lunch, which is around noon. Generally, you receive an hour for lunch. Then, you’ll be back to work until 6pm, when the bus will arrive to take you back to the camp.


Your room will be small, and generally contain a single bed, as well as a desk and chair. You may share amenities or have your own. If you’re lucky, you’ll have a small fridge. Sites usually offer internet. Only certain networks will work on sites, so you might want to check ahead.

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