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Renishaw is a world-leading engineering technologies company with over 70 offices in 32 countries.

In 2013 Renishaw acquired MDL, a pioneer in the design and manufacture of robust laser measurement systems
for use in extreme environments. Since then, Renishaw has invested heavily in new production and servicing facilities for its laser scanners, as well as a significant research and development programme.

Renishaw’s pioneering laser-scanning devices for the mining and quarrying industry allow operators to survey hazardous or inaccessible areas to plan projects safely, while optimising productivity. Renishaw has the scale, resources and worldwide reputation to guarantee design excellence, robust construction, and outstanding customer service.

Cavity-monitoring systems:

SCANNERC-ALS®: This unique 50 mm diameter borehole- deployable laser scanner is used for mapping inaccessible underground cavities. With low cost of ownership and minimal operator training required, C-ALS opens up new opportunities for a range of safe and profitable operations. Void Scanner: Void Scanner is the remote boom-deployable underground laser scanner for mapping voids and stopes. Fast scan speed and flexible deployment methods make Void Scanner a versatile tool for gathering point cloud data quickly and efficiently. Blast optimisation & stockpile monitoring: Quarryman® Pro: Renishaw’s latest Quarryman® Pro rock face profiler ensures safe, portable, fast laser scanning for 3D blast planning, stockpile measurement and whole site mapping. One-man operation and intuitive software means there’s no need for costly trained surveyors.
Boretrak®: Renishaw’s cost-effective borehole-deviation surveying system is compact, robust, lightweight and highly portable. Boretrak® gives you an easy way to audit drilling activity accurately, in a wide range of applications.


Our laser-scanning and measurement systems quickly, reliably and accurately give mine and quarry managers the key data they need to plan work and maximise productivity. AIMEX will help us to expand our presence, opportunities and client base in the Australasian and Southeast Asian mining markets, whilst also enabling us to gain knowledge on how we can promote ourselves into markets with different cultures and work practices.

We will be holding demonstrations on the stand to highlight product capabilities and benefits.

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