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Anti mining activist charged for assaulting Qld coal worker

Coedie McAvoy
Coedie McAvoy

An environmental protestor was formally accused of attacking a mine employee in Central Queensland’s Isaac region.

Coedie McAvoy was recently charged with two counts of common assault. The accused allegedly intercepted and forced Bravus Mining and Resources employees to stop their light vehicle near the Carmichael Coal Mine, 160km northwest of Clermont.

“Colleagues of those involved in the incident have been badly shaken, particularly those who were the target of threats of violence made by Mr McAvoy in videos that he posted to social media as they fear they may be targeted next,” a Bravus spokesperson said in a public statement.

“Like every law-abiding Queenslander, mine workers and cultural heritage workers at our Carmichael mine have the right to feel safe at work and go about their jobs free from intimidation, harassment or violence.”

Video footage shows McAvoy dismount his bike and walk towards the light vehicle. He orders workers to exit the cabin on 27 February 2023.

“Get out of the car, who are you, who are you? Come on get out of the car,” he said.

The man can be seen putting his hands on an indigenous environmental ranger’s uniform. When the employee removes them, the activist warns him to stop resisting or else there will be “tribal law” consequences.

“Get your f–king hands off me now. Get your f–king hands. Hey, do not interfere with this,” the protestor can be heard saying.

When McAvoy puts his hands on the uniform again, the ranger reminds the activist he has already physically “grabbed” and “assaulted” him.

However, McAvoy insists the employee is on his “country” and only releases his grip after being told a third time that he is still touching the worker.

“Okay I am not going to touch him, okay move back.”

The altercation occurred just weeks after the same individual allegedly threatened to “punish” Bravus (formerly known as Adani Mining) staff members who enter his self-proclaimed territory on February 10.

“If you think that you can come into my backyard with the protection of a stupid-arse Adani security [guard] you are sorely mistaken,” he said in an earlier video.

“You will not be f–king walking out of here and the police will be standing out the front and I will say to them, ‘Have the f–cking ambulance ready’ … [and] these people who come here – they will get hurt.”

The matter will be heard at Clermont Magistrates Court on 12 April 2023.

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