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Bat Booth – Your Personnel Dust Rescuer

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In our industry, dust has always been an issue. Its presence has always been a huge problem, whether it comes from roads, transfer points, mining processes, or cement processes, and dealing with it has become a huge industry. One aspect that is frequently overlooked or poorly addressed is the presence of harmful dust particles on clothing. Dust accumulation on clothing and equipment is a common problem in many industrial settings, necessitating quick and safe de-dusting and clean-up solutions. Even though they are aware of the risks, many employers and employees use compressed air guns and nozzles to clean the dust off their clothes. Mideco offers quick, effective, and safe solutions to protect individuals from the dangers of airborne dust and heat stroke. Mideco is concerned about health and safety management for working in a variety of industries; therefore, companies with a similar vision are on Mideco’s agent radar, and we look forward to making collaborative relationships. There are plenty of dustpan brushes in front of workers’ lunchrooms across our country, a solution that is both impractical and ineffective. More technical solutions frequently involve the use of compressed air. Although wall-mounted and portable dust blow-offs are useful tools, but they do not solve the dust settling problems.

The National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH) conducted research in the United States titled ‘Reducing dust exposure from contaminated work clothing with a stand-alone cleaning system’, which discovered a stand-alone cleaning booth that blows dust off a worker, then exhausts it outside the plant and into the atmosphere, solved this issue. Mideco, an Australian-owned company introduced the Bat Booth® 2.0 which uses temperature checks to help protect workers from viral infections and heat stress, while reducing the risk of dust diseases such as coal workers pneumoconiosis, silicosis and farmer’s lung. The product is designed for its efficiency, requiring only 10 seconds from the time an employee enters the booth to activate an automatic recognition system along with an infrared camera that logs temperature, and removes up to 80% dust. The dust is not just blown off but captured and contained with the help of powerful filters which are effective against even the smallest dust particles. The Bat Booth® Standard is the basic model which uses simple but effective technology to get rid of dust that has accumulated on the person’s clothing in 10 seconds. It is equipped with powerful HEPA filters which comply with the latest international standard and are currently the most efficient filters commercially available. One of the most valuable Bat Booth® features is that it can be used frequently throughout the day without causing delay to work processes. This is due to the simplicity of installation and use as the unit arrives fully assembled, which means it is operational almost immediately. The Bat Booth® can be installed at any site, can be inside a building or even out in the open air. On the back of the success of our Bat Booth® Standard, Mideco launched the Bat Booth® Premium which combines simple de-dusting with body temperature checking, smart integrated technology and real-time reporting. A smarter, sleek, simple and effective variation of Bat Booth® Standard is the Bath Booth® Premium.  It has a medically calibrated infra-red sensor to measure the person’s body temperature which can detect early signs of heat stress, a control panel inside the booth which changes colour and displays instructions based on the temperature; all in less than half a second. If a temperature check reveals an irregularity, the digital unit immediately alerts the user and offsite managers. This information will also be saved in individual employees’ health records and can be used to assess and compare the employer’s safety performance.

Here’s a short video on the Bat Booth 2.0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLrrQyNyf-o

Mideco’s commitment to the protection from health concerns and harmful respirable dust comes in the form of one easy but robust solution – the Bat Booth®.

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