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Peabody mine fire update

Source: AMSJ

Peabody have advised that initial steps taken in early days to extinguish the fire and contain impacts at Peabody’s North Goonyella Mine have yielded visible results, with only a slight amount of what appears to be either steam or white smoke emanating at this time from only the one mine shaft.

  • The mobile GAG unit has continued to run, increasing the amount of high-moisture inert gases in the mine to displace oxygen and reduce conditions for a fire;
  • Temporary seals using a fire-resistant expandable material have been completed in three of the five primary mine openings to reduce air flow into the mine;
  • Additional drilling has been under way in advance of sealing the completed longwall panel area from the surface; and
  • Air quality monitoring equipment is in place around the perimeter of the mine with good results.

Peabody advised this morning in a media release that “The company’s first priority is safety as we work to address the complex situation through a deliberate, staged process.  At the appropriate time, the company will initiate a formal review of the event, with the involvement of independent third parties, and intends to share learnings with the industry and other stakeholders.”

Peabody continues to engage in direct communications with the workforce of the mine.  We appreciate the ongoing work of the team at the mine, the Queensland Mine Inspectorate, Queensland Mines Rescue, the union and technical experts who are assisting with a safe response.

Peabody stated that it also appreciates the ongoing support of the North Goonyella community and others in the industry.  Peabody continues to work closely with landholders, neighbors and others to ensure stakeholders have access to up-to-date information about the continuing situation.

AMSJ have requested Peabody for more details of the incident specifically, the timelines of events and key technical issues in relation to the event. Many in the industry are calling for an official government inquiry into the event.

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