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Safetysure Health & Safety Consultants

Safetysure health and safety consultants assist businesses to strategically manage safety

Brisbane based health and safety consultants Safetysure is a leading supplier of safety consulting services.

Safetysure is a provider of workplace health and safety consultants and safety consulting services. Safetysure says that their structured systems help businesses manage workplace health and safety issues without fuss, at a cost-effective price.

Safetysure works across a range of industries including mining & energy, retail, food processing, agriculture, manufacturing and government. Over the years we have helped hundreds of small to medium businesses address safety needs through developing effective safety programs procedures and plans, conducting safety audits and inspections/investigations, undertaking workplace health & safety investigations, developing safety training programs, measuring the performance of safety management systems and implementing strategic safety programs.

Safetysure consultants have more than thirty years of experience in managing health and safety in mining and general industries.

Senior Consultant John Ninness told Mining Review that the business is focussed around providing practical safety solutions to complex problems. He said “we work with a range of clients to create safer workplaces and solutions that get to the heart of safety needs”

“We constantly see workplace safety systems gone mad with staff sometimes majoring on the minors and minoring on the majors. Sometimes internal staff lose their way in their own safety systems and fail to address critical risks. There’s a tendency in many workplaces to address the easy issues…like the hard hats and safety boots…but people sometimes miss the fatality risk that is lurking nearby”

“We often act to strategically review existing safety systems and establish pragmatic, solutions-based systems for our clients” Ninness said.

You can learn more about Safetysure by visiting their site

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