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Heavy vehicle operator dies from horrific crash

Overturned coal truck
Overturned coal truck

A truck driver tragically passed away during a severe accident.

Authorities recently examined what circumstances led to a heavy vehicle flipping over and killing the operator at an undisclosed coal mine.

“On January 29, 2024 a miner died when his haul truck travelled over the edge of a stockpile and overturned,” the Mine Safety and Health Administration said in a safety alert.

Investigators found the employer neither had the site checked for “hazardous” conditions nor ensured material was dumped a safe distance from the edge.

“Ensure dumping locations are properly designed, constructed and maintained,” they said in the alert.

“Examine dumping locations before work begins to identify hazardous conditions, especially after heavy rain or other significant weather changes.”

They made the following recommendations:

  • always wear a seatbelt
  • provide adequate illumination at dumping locations
  • clearly mark dumping locations with reflectors and/or markers
  • construct substantial berms as a visual indicator to prevent over travel at dumping locations
  • dump material at a safe distance from the edge and push the material over the edge with a bulldozer
  • do not remove material from the toe of stockpiles when it would create instability at dumping locations.

Click here to read the full safety alert.

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