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Noise-induced hearing loss causes and prevention

Hearing loss due to occupation is one of the biggest problems facing miners with it being the second most common injury reported in the industry. This should come as no surprise to those in the...


FIFO and the effects on family life

When compared to other parents, partners of FIFO workers experience higher levels of stress. FIFO workers are often working away from home for four to six weeks at any one time. Studies have also...

The key to getting more out of FIFO

If you’ve recently started working a high paying FIFO job, you may be excited to be finally earning decent money, however with earning big dollars comes responsibilities. If you’ve never had a high...

Ten Lessons for FIFO workers

For FIFO workers, one of the best things about the job is the money made while you’re away from your home (and often, this can be the ONLY thing that keeps you going back). FIFO salaries are a great...

Mining kids launch clothing brand

Clever South Australian mining kids Deegan Dealtry and Sam Ranford, both 12, have launched a clothing brand called Pretty Rooster in a bid to show other children that mining is cool. Both boys come...

Western Australian Premier Urged Not To Increase Gold Royalty Rates

2017 Precious Metals Industry Awards

The Perth Mint has announced that Mr Eric Sprott was inducted into The Gold Industry Hall of Fame, while Bob Vassie was awarded the Gavin Thomas Mining Award and Terina Hooper received the Maggie...

Kalgoorlie-Boulder wins Tidy Towns 2017

Kalgoorlie-Boulder wins Tidy Towns 2017

Awards recognise community projects and sustainable living
Kalgoorlie-Boulder a finalist in four categories 

CFMEU Fined Record $2.4 million

The CFMEU and its officials have been hit with record fines of $2.4 million over an unlawful blockade.